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Development & Peace

Development & Peace, founded by the Canadian bishops on Oct. 20, 1967, is an educational and outreach organization linking Canadians with global partners, including Caritas International,  in war-torn and impoverished countries. Over 50 years of support in such places as Nigeria, Brazil, East Timor and the Philippines have earned D&P the respect of its partners around the world. D&P has responded to hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons. It has challenged apartheid and mining injustice. D&P continues to work with local groups worldwide to reduce poverty and famine and to mitigate the effects of climate change. 


The parish participates in 2 campaigns a year, one in Lent and one in the fall. Last fall the campaign focused on women building global peace. This Lent the campaign is 'Together for Peace' and highlights initiatives in Cambodia, Lebanon, Nigeria, and Peru - each of which is a partner with D&P.  Last fall the campaign “Share the Journey” highlighted some of the suffering and displacement caused by violence, climate changes, megaprojects affecting local resources, and short-sighted political decisions.  For Lent this campaign continues, with the focus on Pope Francis’s words, “Faith is an encounter with Jesus...and with others.” We are called to be fellow travelers with those who have fled their homes and land, opening our hearts and listening to their stories.

Join Development & Peace by contacting Margaret Small through the parish office.  


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