The Sacraments of First Reconciliation &                       First Holy Communion





The sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion generally take place when a child is in Grade 2. First Reconciliation (confession) must take place prior to the reception of First Communion and introduces the child to the forgiveness of sins, a sacrament that brings all Catholics closer to God.


First Communion is the sacrament whereby children receive the Eucharist for the first time, thus fully participating in the Mass and developing a greater understanding of the sacrifices made by Jesus for humanity.


The following letter was sent to parents today from the pastor, Fr. Ed Henhoeffer, to update parents on the status of the planned First Communion celebrations.

Parent Update Letter May 17th

Important Update April 9th 2021 

The parish team has issued an updated letter regarding the guest allowances for the planned First Communion celebrations.  Please click here for the letter.

Additionally Father Ed Henhoeffer prepared a brief video message to accompany the letter. Click here for the video.

First Communion Update March 1st - Dates & Details


An email is being sent to all parents who have registered their child for First Communion today and it include the following information:

Revised Dates and Online Booking Details

Parent Letter with Details about the Celebration Plan

How to Prepare Your Child for Confession - Parent Guide

Please read this parent guide to assist your child in preparing for their first confession.

This includes the Act of Contrition which we ask all children to know for their confession.


First Reconciliation Dates  Reopened (February 17th 2021)

(a copy of this information was emailed to all parents who registered their child for First Reconciliation. If you did not receive this recent email please contact Arden Ouellette,

Parents who have not yet booked a date and time for First Reconciliation are asked to book online as soon as possible. Follow this link to do so.


First Reconciliation Videos - For parents and children to watch

First Reconciliation Overview

First Reconciliation for Staff & Students

What to Expect at First Reconciliation (new version better sound)

For students in Grade 2 in the fall of 2020

If you did not register your child to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation & First Communion please contact hte parish office directly. You will be required to provide the parish with a copy of your child`s Catholic Baptism in order to have them receive the sacraments.


The following Parent Letter  was issued in the fall and contains information about the sacraments for this school year which will differ from previous years due to the pandemic. 

If you did register your child to receive the sacraments online you will receive an email later this year directing you to book a specific date and time for the sacraments. Those dates will not be available for booking until then.

For families whose children do not attend Catholic Elementary School please visit our Catechetical Studies webpage or contact Arden Ouellette at the parish office.