Mass Intentions 

Masses intentions are offered at all masses with the exception of Sunday celebrations. 


Some days multiple intentions (up to 4) are offered (Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Saturday 5:00 pm).


Additionally mass intentions can be offered and sent to Mission churches.


Intentions are arranged via the Parish Office and cost $10 which includes the price of a card.

Intentions Oct. 19th to 24th

Monday October 19th, 9 am:

Evelyn & William Vaz (Arthur & Jenny Vaz)

Tuesday October 20th, 7 pm:

Maria Vu (Ha Nguyen)

Rob Castonguay (Carol & Stephen Norris)

Tony Galea (Ford Family)

Intent. of the Unborn (Culture of Life)

Wednesday October 21st, 9 am:

George Rau (Skov Family)

Staszek Soltysik (Taylor Family)

David & Bridget Beresford (Jackie Pitt)

Al Tysdate (MacLeod Family)

Chiara Monteforante (Daria Kalawski)

Thursday October 22nd, 9 am:

Maria Vu & Peter Nguyen (The Family)

Friday October 23rd, 9 am:

Deceased Members of the Nicotera Family (The Family)


Friday October 23rd, 7 pm:


Saturday October 24th, 9 am:

Bridget Beresford (Tony & Carol Skarda)

Saturday October 24th, 5 pm:

James Adam (The Adam Family)

Gord MacKan (The Family)

Anthony Farrelly (Martin & Karen & Family)

Larry Anderson (Cheri Morrison & Jill Anderson)

Intentions Oct. 26th to 31st

Monday October26th, 9am:

Anne Prokop (Dianne Taylor & Family)

Tuesday October 27th 7pm:

Margery Depotter (Skarda Family)

Rob Castonguay (Carol & Stpehen Norris)

Deceased Members of Galea Family (Ford Family)

Deceased Members of Mifsud Family (Ford Family)

Wednesday October 28th,  9am:

Jeffrey Callaghan (The Family)

Malcolm Andrade (The Family)

Susan Rollo (MacLeod Family)

Intent. of John Stachow (Joanne Szwec)

Thursday October 29th, 9am:

Glen D'Sousa (The Dias Family)

Friday October 30th, 9 am:

Maria Vu & Peter Nguyen (The Family)

Friday October 16th, 7pm:


Saturday October 31st , 9am:

Glen D'Sousa (Dias Family)

Saturday October 31st, 5pm:

Leonidis Aroutsidis (The Family)

George Rau (Skov Family)

Evelyn Goetz (Paul & Linda O'Connor)

John Kennedy (Elena Silvestri)