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     Mass Intentions 

Masses intentions are offered at all masses with the exception of Sunday celebrations. 


Multiple intentions (up to 4) are offered  on Tuesday evening,      Wednesday morning and Saturday  at 5:00 pm.                              Intentions are arranged via the Parish Office and cost $10 which includes the price of a card.

Intentions October 4th to 9th

Monday October 4th @ 9:00 am

Lewis & Juliet Hettiarachchi (Chris & Marian)

Tuesday October 5th @ 7pm

Sam Scaduto (Caerels Family)

Marlene Robertson (Bake-Murphy Family)

Wednesday October 6th @ 9am

Dee-Dee Quiming (The Family)

Teresita Lopena (Juan Quiming)

Calogero Crisci (Dianne & Carl Taylor)

John Hawley (Eleanor & Alan Read)

Thursday October 7th @ 9am

Frank & Doreen Rodrigues (Francis Rodrigues)

Friday October 8th @ 9am

Augusta & Sante DiSpalatro (DiSpalatro Family)

Friday October 8th @ 7pm

Saturday October 9th @ 9am 

Ray Yotingco (Lindy Aubin)

Saturday October 9th @ 5pm

Jennifer Moraes (The Family)

Frances Notarangelo (The Family)

John Hawley (Eleanor & Clarence)

Intentions of Mary Grace & Amanda Tejada (The Family)


Intentions October 11th to 16th


Monday October 11th @ 9:00 am

Florestan Gonsalez (The Family)

Tuesday October 12th @ 7:00 pm

Teresa & Kazimierz Wroblewksi (The Family)

Helena Chau (The Family)

Susan Janssens (Ron & Susan Caerels)

Daniel Bacic (Ron & Susan Caerels)

Wednesday October 13th @ 9:00 am

Dee-Dee Quiming (The Family)

Teresita Lopena (Juan Quiming)

Ray Yotingco (The Family)

In Thanksgiving (Reis & Daisy DeLima)


Thursday October 14th @ 9:00 am

Frank Dromi & Cynthia Brum (Oriana & Family)

Friday  October 15th  @ 9:00 am

Intentions of Ha Nguyen (The Family)

Saturday October 16th  @ 9:00 am

Ernest Capstick (The Family)

Saturday October 16th @ 5:00 pm

Mary Lou Furtado (Grace)

Ippolito Spizziri (The Family)

John Hawley (Marian Ifill)

Intentions of Ha Nguyen (The Family)

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