Mass Intentions 

Masses intentions are offered at all masses with the exception of Sunday celebrations. 


Some days multiple intentions (up to 4) are offered (Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Saturday 5:00 pm).Intentions are arranged via the Parish Office and cost $10 which includes the price of a card.

Intentions Feb. 22-27, 2021

Monday February 22nd @ 9:00 am

Ivy, Frank & Harold Merritt (The Family)

Tuesday February 23rd @ 7pm

Gary Engel (The Family)

Wednesday  February 24th @ 9am

Jim Weber (The Family)

Roberto & Clarita Castro (The Family)

Mary Patricia Craven (Bidulka Family)

Thursday February 25th @ 9am

Larry O'Brien (Jennie & Paul)

Friday February 26th @ 9am

Beatriz Sousa (Jenny & Arthur Vaz)

Saturday February 27th @ 5pm

Jim Skeoch (Callaghan Family)

Deceased Members of Pereira Family (Dorothy & Rex Pereira)

Intent. of McDermott Family (McMahon Family)

Intent. of Alice Ponzi (McMahon Family)

Intentions March 1st-6th 2021

Monday March 1st @ 9:00 am

Karen Morrison (The Family)

Tuesday March 2nd @ 7pm

John Curran (Jerri, Anne & Daria)

Alfred Gallino (The Family)

Intent. of George & Fran Thompson (Alice Gallino)

Wednesday March 3rd @ 9am

Patrick Galvin (Bidulka Family)

Albert Vanderburgh (Lorraine Buck-Forget)

Tony Florio & Patrick Doyle (The Family)

Intent. of the Morrison Children (The Family)

Thursday March 4th @ 9am

Patrick Mercuri (Jerri Ferreira & Daria Kawlawski)

Friday March 5th  @ 9am

In Thanksgiving of Blessings Received (Frances Scandinavo)

Saturday March 6th@ 9am 

Alfred Gallino(Enrico Rafaele)

Saturday March 6th@ 5pm

Baby Bryar Rose McNinch (Adam Family)

Patrick Mercuri (Catholic Women's League)

Tally Pongetti (McMahon Family)

Intent. of Paul Silvestri (Elena Silvestri)