Mass Intentions 

Masses intentions are offered at all masses with the exception of Sunday celebrations. 


Some days multiple intentions (up to 4) are offered (Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning and Saturday 5:00 pm).Intentions are arranged via the Parish Office and cost $10 which includes the price of a card.

Current Intentions

During the lock down intentions will be offered daily by the priests when they celebrate their private mass.

Geoffrey Artz - Artz Family (Artz Family)

Russell Tidball (The Family)

Rosalia & Piotr Sieron (The Family)

Deceased Members of the Zammit Family (The Lawless Family)

Holy Souls in Purgatory (Cindy & Al MacIntosh)

Maria Vu & Peter Nguyen (The Family)

George Rau (Skov Family)

John Richlark (The Family)

Holy Souls in Purgatory (Cindy & Al MacIntosh)

Gary Engel (Berny & Family)

Teresa & Kazimierz Wroblewski (The Family)

Tadeusz Dec (The Family)

Rosalina & Piotr Sieron (The Family)

Anthony Zammit (Lawless Family)

Georgette (Dorine Andrea Pedroni)

P.V. Varkey (George Puthenkulum)

P.T. Thomas (George Puthenkulum)

In Thanksgiving of Year 2020 (Megan & Samson)

Juliet Rodrigues (The Family)

Omer & Dawn Caerels (The Family)

Ron & Barbara (Bill MacCauley)

Intent. of Peter & Margaret Mesaros (The Family)

Entisar Eassa Kheshaba (Lawand Family)

Samya Karandi (Lawand Family)

Intent. of Terry Smith (Kathy Taylor)

Jennifer Moraes (The Family)

Rita MacKan (The Family)

Alick Duguid (Linda Duguid & Madeline Chambers)

Gilberto Palmieri (The Family)

Lewis Vella (Lawless Family)