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Ministry of Care

The Ministry of Care provides outreach and pastoral support to members of the parish community who are unable to participate in celebrations and liturgies in person.

The volunteers of this ministry bring Holy Communion to residents in 3 local retirement and long term care residences including:

  • The Village of Tansley Woods Residence

  • Heritage Place Retirement Residence

  • Creek Way Village LTC Residence

Visits to the residents of these homes help connect  them with their parish community, provides an opportuntiy to pray in community and bring pastoral support and encouragement.

In Fall 2024 this ministry will expand to provide pastoral visiting and support to parishioners who are in their own homes but unable to attend Mass in person.

Volunteers Needed

This ministry requires a number of volunteers to meet the increasing needs within the community. 

The volunteer work is exceptionally rewarding and does not require extensive knowledge of the faith, but rather a love of Christ and a desire to serve others.  Formation and ongoing support is provided and volunteer schedules are very flexible.

Please consider learning more about this ministry and how you can contribute your time and talent to help those who benefit from the love and support of the parish community. For more information contact our parish Pastoral Minister, Arden Ouellette or call the office, 905-332-5115. 


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