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Parish Ministries
Volunter Screening

There are a variety of parish ministries at St. Paul the Apostle Parish.
We encourage everyone to participate in the various spiritual and lay aspects of the church as the contribution of members of the community provides great assistance with liturgical as well as social celebrations and events.
Some ministries are governed by Diocesan Screening Guidelines due to the vulnerable sector they serve. These include:
Children's Liturgy Ministry
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Ministry of Care (EMHC to Long Term Care residents)
The Volunteer Screening Committee (VSC) assists the pastor in implementing and managing the respective volunteer guidelines as determined by the Diocese
of Hamilton. The initiative of the VSC is to ensure the safety of all vulnerable people to whom we minister and to safeguard the integrity of parish volunteers. The following is required:
Police Check:
All those wishing to volunteer for vulnerable ministries/groups must provide a recent police check. Contact Halton Police to complete an online application. The parish will reimburse volunteers for the cost of the police check if a receipt is submitted the the parish bookkeeper.
Screening Process:
- Parishioners wishing to volunteer with the above listed ministries must complete all steps for screening prior to be activated in a ministry/group.
- The required forms are  enclosed here. Contact the parish office if you require a paper copy of these forms. All completed forms are to be submitted to the VSC
by email or dropped off at the parish office.
- The VSC will set up a mutually agreeable time to complete an inperson interview to discuss the forms. During the interview the VSC will review the police check so please secure that document prior to booking an interview. 
- Following the interview the VSC will follow up with references provided and will notify the ministry/group leader when all screening has been completed. The ministry/group leader will then contact the volunteer regarding next steps.
- Please note the VSC may require 2 or more weeks to fully complete the process.
Note: Those seeking volunteer opportunities with Society of St. Vincent de Paul are required to complete additional screening required by that organization and SSVP manages that process directly.

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