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Pastoral References for Catholic School Board Positions


The Diocese of Hamilton, in conjunction with the Catholic School Boards, has instituted a revised Pastoral Reference protocol (Feb 2022) which applies to all school boards within the diocese. The new pastoral reference can be used for any of the boards; individual references for differing boards is not required. Please note that Pastoral References will be considered for those who are registered and active within our parish.

To secure a Pastoral Reference:

The candidate will request a meeting via email with our Associate Pastor, Father John Ha (click here to email Father John Ha) and he will arrange an in-person meeting to discuss the reference. This will provide the clergy with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the teacher/teacher candidate and to gain an understanding of their faith life and how they apply the faith to their role within the education system.

To prepare for the pastoral reference, the diocese has provided a document entitled, The Faith We Believe: Unpacking the Creed (link below) to read ahead of time. The candidate should come prepared to discuss insight(s) they have received from the document, such as things that are particularly important, or some connection they discovered between the faith we profess and the important ministry they wish to undertake within Catholic education.

In the meeting the candidate will discuss the role of faith within the Catholic School system. The faith and witness of Catholic educators to students is important in the child’s faith journey. The regular practice of the faith is an element of a career in education that should not be overlooked. You should come prepared to discuss the importance of practicing the faith in your life, and what you bring through your faith to our Catholic Schools.

At the conclusion of the in-person meeting, a formal Profession of Faith is made in the presence of Father John Ha who will then sign your Pastoral Reference, and it is ready for
submission to the School Board.

The documents candidates should familiarize themselves with prior to the interview  are enclosed below for your reference. We will provide the printed copy of the Pastoral Reference and Profession of Faith so there is no need to bring a printed copy of either to the meeting:

The Faith We Believe: Unpacking the Creed
Teacher Reference and Profession of Faith


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