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         Youth Catechetical Program
Religious studies for children not enrolled in Catholic elementary school. The studies focus on sacramental preparation for
First Communion (grade 2) and Confirmation (grade 7).

Families who are seeking catechesis outside of sacrament
al preparation please contact Arden Ouellette directly. 


Girl Going to Church

Program for 2023-2024 School Year

                                      Registration for First Communion and Confirmation is now closed                                          as our programs are now finished for this year. 

Registration for the 2024-2025 year will open late summer

and will be posted here and in the parish bulletin. 

To Participate in the Program:

  • Your family must be registered parishioners and reside within the boundaries of St. Paul. If you reside outside the boundary we may require permission from your parish of residence. 

  • Proof of Catholic baptism is required to register for Confirmation or First Communion.

  • The programs for sacramental preparation are a blend of some at home reading and work combined with mandatory attendance at all scheduled meetings.  The preparation for Confirmation starts end of October and the sacrament is received end of January. The preparation for First Communion begins in November and is celebrated early May.

  • If your child is not preparing for a sacrament but you would like to know about Catechesis options that are not sacramentally based, please reach out to Arden Ouellette directly for further information.

Further inquiries can be made by emailing Pastoral Minister, Arden Ouellette.


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