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     The Sacraments of First Reconciliation &                       First Holy Communion

The sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion are traditionally celebrated in Grade 2. The Catholic Church believes that by the age of 7 most children are capable of understanding the importance of reconciliation with God and are ready to receive the Eucharist.


The sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion will take place this school year for students eligible to receive them. If you would like your child to participate, we ask parents to complete a 2-part process.

PART 1: Fill-out the Online Registration Form


To register, please use this link: First Communion Registration Form.


If you are having any difficulty accessing the registration form, you may download this pdf copy and email the completed form to You may also pick-up a paper form from the parish office during office hours.


PART 2: In-Person Registration/Verification


To complete registration, please submit the following documents in person. Note that schools will NOT collect these documents.



  • Photocopy of your child’s Baptism Certificate

  • Translation of Child's Baptismal Certificate (if in another language)

  • Registration Form (ONLY if you opted to use the pdf or paper copy)


In-person registration will happen at the dates and times noted below. You only need to drop-in once and children are not required to attend. At this time, we will have volunteers who will verify the child’s baptism information and answer any questions. We will also have important materials to hand out. Please note that your registration will only be processed upon submission of a valid Baptismal Certificate.



October 12, 2023, drop-in between 5PM - 7PM; OR

October 14, 2023, drop-in between 10AM - 12PM




If your child is NOT planning to participate in the sacraments, there is no further action needed on your end. Please note that some sacramental preparation will take place at school as part of the students’ Religion curriculum.


If your child is not baptized Roman Catholic and you wish to have your child receive the sacraments you must contact the Sacramental Preparation Coordinator, Mrs. Melanie Gaddi, immediately to make the proper arrangements.

To access the full information package, please click here.

If your child does NOT attend an affiliated Catholic elementary school (i.e. homeschooled, attends non-Catholic public school or private school), please see our Catechetical Studies webpage for preparation suitable for them.

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